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December 2017

December 2017


  • Room dimensions duplicated on Rightmove (Using RTF)
  • Key Bunch Movement confusion where Office Set checked out to Tenant not made obvious (Reworking the Key Bunches view, more details to follow).
  • Transfer From/To Another Person Validation on Amount field (Do not allow zero payment amount).
  • Scottish Legislation Service Types: Unable to sign tenancy as Fixed Date is set before Start Date (Using Available From).
  • Change encoding of BACS file for Albany ePay BACS
  • Custom Filters displaying wrong account information.

November 2017

November 2017


Custom Filters

A Save Filters button has been added to all views with customisable filters.

Users can now Save custom filters so there is no need to change the filters each time you access a View.

  • In Tray – Save a filter so that you only view Emails (The default filters display Messages; Appointments and Reminders)
  • Rent Chase – Save a filter so that you only view tenants with a certain status

Custom filters can be reset to the system default at any time using the Reset Filters button.

Out of Office

Added the functionality to enable Out of Office on emails and texts.

  • An enable button has been added to the In Tray to enable Out of Office.
  • When enabled, an orange banner is displayed stating that Out of Office is enabled.
  • A disable button appears on the banner when Out of Office is enabled.

Customise the email/text sent back in reply

  • An Out of Office text is only sent if the staff member has a text account assigned to them.
  • If the SMS Out of Office message is left blank, Out of Office will not be enabled for texts.


Diary – Recurring Appointments

You can now add recurring diary appointments

  • One off; Daily; Weekly; Monthly; Quarterly; Annually


Extra Fields for Lettings

We have added the Composition tab from Sales to Lettings.

The new fields are used with the Rightmove Real Time Feed and will populate listings if they are complete.

  • Bedrooms
  • Floor Area
  • Plot Area
  • Bathrooms
  • Reception Rooms
  • Heating
  • Parking
  • Outside Space
  • Property Condition

The Min/Max Tenants fields on an instruction are still used for applicant matching.

The Bedrooms field is used to populate the Min/Max Tenants fields

When renewing a tenancy, the Min/Max Tenants fields populate the renewal.

Any current properties will use the Max Tenants field to populate the Bedrooms field on a property.



Deposit Scheme – TDS Custodial

  • The TDS Custodial deposit scheme has been added to the system.
  • You can now select TDS Custodial for the deposit scheme on a Service Type.

Keys – Access Arrangements & Security Notes

  • Access Arrangements and Security Notes have been added to the Keys view on a Property.

Payment Groups – State

  • “All” has been added as an option to the State filter on Payment Groups in Bank Accounts.
  • Allowing you to view all Payment Groups at the same time.

Reminders – Character Limit

  • The character limit for Reminders has been removed.

In Tray – Refresh

  • The In Tray will automatically refresh every two and a half minutes.

Object Types – Letter Email Templates

  • Added the ability to add templates to Letter Email Templates.
  • For a list of tags, please see our Zendesk page.

Service Types - Editing

  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to edit a Service Type.
  • Error thrown states that you are unable to edit Manage Rent, despite not changing the tick box.

Signable – Multiple Document Envelopes

  • Fixed a bug where the signing certificate was corrupted if there was more than one document included in the envelope.
  • A zip file is sent back from Signable, this is downloaded when you choose to download the signing certificate.

Maintenance Jobs – Next Action Date

  • Fixed a bug where a maintenance job would not be created when a Next Action Date is added.




Scottish Private Residential Tenancy

On the 1st of December the Scottish Private Residential Tenancy will be introduced. This will replace assured and short assured tenancies in Scotland.

The legislation is enabled by a tick box on a Service Type

  • When the legislation is enabled, Fixed Dates are set the same as the Start Date and an End Date isn’t allowed to be set.

Four End Types have been added to the system:

  • Scottish PRT – Tenant Given Notice – 28 Days’ Notice from Tenant
  • Scottish PRT – Tenant Breached Terms – 28 Days’ Notice from Landlord where Tenant has Breach Terms
  • Scottish PRT – Landlord Notice within 6 Months – 18 end reasons added
  • Scottish PRT – Landlord Notice after 6 Months – 18 end reasons added

October 17

October 17



Diary – Display Calendar Day
  • Calendar day added to Diary


E-Mails – Warning on Blank Subject
  • On sending an E-Mail, a validation error is displayed if the Subject is blank.


Journal Transfer – Error on Same Account Selection
  • When confirming the journal transfer, an error is thrown if the user has selected the same account twice.


In-Tray – Improve Colour Contrast on Work Items
  • Contrast between the three states is now more pronounced.
  • Light – Unread
  • Medium – Read
  • Dark – Completed


Journal Transfer > Company Posting
  • It is now possible to select a Company account when making a journal transfer.
  • When adding an entry, tick Company Account Entry.
  • Once Company Account Entry is confirmed, next screen allows you to specify amount and select account.


E-Mails – CC Second Email Address
  • Tick box added to e-mail modal which will send an e-mail to the landlord’s second email address when ticked.


Reminders > Snooze
  • An action has been added to reminders and diary appointment reminders that allows you to snooze them.
  • When set, the reminder will appear in your in tray after the selected time has elapsed.


Invoice Multiple Landlords
  • Invoice Multiple Landlords is also now available via the Accounting tab.
  • Previously this was only available via a Branch action.


Property > Owners > 50/50 Owners
  • An additional quick link has been added to the Owners grid on a Property when there are two owners. The additional quick link takes you to the Landlord’s profile.
  • Previously only the first Landlord would have a quick link.


Maintenance Job > Next Action Date/Note
  • On creation of a maintenance job, you are now able to add a Next Action Date and Note.
  • Previously you would add this after the job had been created.

Accounting > Make a Payment Grid
  • Updated column names for Authorised and Unauthorised balance with “Main” to make it obvious that this is the Main account balance.
Rent Chase > Email the Tenancy Action
  • Email the Tenancy action added to a tenant which makes it available via Rent Chase.
Accounting > Pay People in Credit
  • “Last Paid” column added to the Main grid on Pay People in Credit.


Reports > Flat/Room Number Added
  • Flat/Room Number field has been added to:
  • Utility Meter Readings
  • Active Tenants List


Accounting > Pay People in Credit
  • A payment file is generated and downloaded when making a payment via Pay People in Credit.
  • Logging In
  • On logging into the system, it will default to the Office tab.
  • Previously it would load into the widgets tab.


Closing Tabs
  • On closing a tab, the focus is now shifted to the most recently opened tab. If no other tab is open, the in tray will display.
  • Previously it would switch focus to the first tab you opened.


Send Email
  • When sending an email, the person’s email address is now displayed in the To/CC/BCC field, along with the person’s name.


Rent Schedule > Rent Periods
  • Dates are now displayed in the Rent Periods grid if the start or end date of the tenancy is used.
  • Previously the fields would appear blank.


Property > Room Order
  • Room order is now maintained on any uploaders and marketing material.


Quick Search > TDS File Upload
  • TDS File Upload was unresponsive when selecting via Quick Search. TDS File Upload modal now opens on selecting.


Reports > Sales Activity Report & Diary Appointment Report
  • Report now handles special characters in column names


Uploaders > CityLets XML
  • “Apartment” property type now appears in the CityLets XML.


Accounting > Pay People in Credit
  • Zero kilobyte files are no longer downloaded when making a payment through Pay People in Credit for Online and Cheque payments.


Lettings Tab > Report Counters
  • Fixed Report counters:
  • Ended Not Closed
  • Started Not Signed
  • Starting 14 Days Not Signed
  • Additional fixed made to pie chart for Ended Tenancies also.
Outstanding Rent
  • Safety net has been added to prevent a user from carrying out a manual rent transfer for a sum greater than that in the Outstanding Rent account.
  • When carrying out a Manual Rent Transfer, the user is advised if their transfer will put the Outstanding Rent account into a negative.
  • The error will also state the maximum amount the user is able to transfer.
  • This is turned on by default, but can be disabled by a member of the Support team.


August 17

August 17


Minimise Popup windows
  • For anything that causes another screen to 'pop up' and float above the previously used tab
  • Users can now minimise the Pop-Up window to a docked tab within Agent
  • This will allow users to open another tab within Agent, for example, to copy relevant information, then re-open the docked tab and paste the copied information – thereby reducing the need for closing or cancelling an action or having multiple web browser tabs open

 Close All tabs

  • You’ve asked for it, we’ve listened.  We’ve added a button to the Agent views that will allow the user to close ALL open tabs within Agent
    • Note: minimised tabs will also be closed
  • Users will have to acknowledge a friendly system warning so can turn back if clicked by mistake


Diary – Appointments
  • Users can now drag and drop appointments around the Diary grid (for example drag from one staff member to another, or, in the weekly/monthly view, drag the Diary appointment from one day to another
  • User can also change the time allocation of a Diary appointment by dragging the edges of Diary appointment
  • Appointment details will be updated when the alteration has been made


Write a Letter in Word 
  • Added an Action on each Person that opens a blank Word document where the user can write a bespoke letter
  • This Word document will pull through your branding into a blank Word document along with the recipient details
    • Once written, you will need to upload their letter back into the relevant Print/Post/Store section within Agent


Release Undisputed Deposit funds
  • New accounting Action to Ended/Closed tenancies
  • Provided funds are available, the undisputed deposit funds can be released to the tenants
  • Provided the funds are available, adjustments to the open claims can be made and there can be multiple releases of adjusted funds
  • Once the retained deposit reaches £0.00 or if the total deposit deduction claim is greater than the deposit held amount, the user will be presented with a message that there are not enough funds available
  • Any Maintenance Deductions that are in dispute will be retained by the system (as a deposit deduction)
  • If a deposit claim against Tenant A is larger than their deposit allocation, then Tenant A will lose their whole deposit. Funds will not be taken from Tenant B held deposit to cover Tenant A’s shortfall
  • This action is not reversible; once the action has been completed, the funds will no longer be available to the tenancies monies held deposit




Actions on People

  • Added ‘Make Journal Transfer’ action from a Person record
  • Apply Charge/Refund
    • Renamed Amount field in pop up window (removed words VAT)
    • For VAT enabled companies, the Action pop-up windows has “* Enter amount excluding VAT.” at the top of the window

Accounting: Pay People in Credit - Make a Payment

  • Fields in pop up window default to ‘BACS’ (instead of online) and ‘Create Invoices and send to postbag’

Accounting: Person - Invoices

  • The display order of Invoices has been changed to show the most recent invoice at top of the grid
Diary: Add Applicant to Appointment (when adding to diary)
  • Once Appointment has been created in Diary you can Quick Add Guests from the ladder menu
  • Guest contact details will now populate in the Guest screen and diary printout
Documents: ‘Open in Word’ Action
  • Custom Document templates in a Person, Property or Tenancy ‘Print/Post/Store’ section can be opened in Word with a new Action
    • This only works for word format documents
General system stability & speed upgrades
  • We’ve increased the number of running servers to help with those busy times of the day and moved certain behind the scenes processes to alternative servers
  • The system should be a bit nippier and smarter in terms of what tasks it should be carrying out
Applicants: Amend fields on Applicant Card
  • Rent Schedule defaults to Monthly, Rent Recurrence defaults to 1.
  • For theses defaults to work, Rent Minimum and Maximum values have to be set - the system defaults to Minimum Rent 1.00 and Maximum Rent 10,000.00. Users will need to amend these accordingly.


Maintenance Jobs: Missing from Property view on branch/staff
  • The Maintenance Jobs on the Property view were not displaying to a staff assigned client-administrator level, despite the side menu showing that there are jobs assigned to the property
  • This should be resolved - once correct filters are applied (Status removed from Ladder menu, filter Grid Status to "is not equal to" 'Closed') the jobs displayed on the Property Maintenance screen should match the number displayed on the ladder menu


Documents: Sending items from the Postbag
  • Custom documents sent via the postbag now creates a note and add Staff member to the grid showing who sent the document & when


July 2017

July 2017


Spam Filter

Do you use our extra spam filter service? (if not why not? Click here to learn more)  This update means that you can now hide the spam items from the intray.


Landlord/tenant/Contractor Login

Password Request/Reset - Now when a Person requests a login the Person is now provided with a unique URL link to their email address so they can create their own password.



Infographics screen

  • New Widget to display the contact phone numbers, regardless if the number(s) is set to private on the Contact details, for Tenant contacts (mobile and/or landline, if available) for:




  • The item ‘Deposit Disputes’ in the left-hand ladder menu has been renamed to ‘Deposit Deductions’
  • Added Property Manager to display next to Property address (if assigned)
  • Widget showing each tenants’ outstanding rent, if any

  • Certificates

The grid view will default to ALL certificates on the property; the previous filters have been removed

  • User Interface (Certificates) - Side menu

Totals (numbers) corrected

  • Infographics screen

Added Property Manager to display next to Property address (if assigned)

Rent Chase

A column has been added to the grid that will take you to the Tenancy that the rent chase relates too

Section 19(1)(c) Tax Report

Reformatted as per the HMRC specification



Maintenance Jobs

  • You can now send an email or SMS to the Tenants from the maintenance screen
  • Maintenance screen now shows all branches as default.
  • New column added to the Maintenance Job and export to show the Property Manager and the Staff member that created the Job
  • Improved for display on smaller screens



  • The screen will no longer have the Staff filter applied, so this will display all Sales Instruction for the branch by default



May 2017

May 2017



Lettings - Progression

This next level feature means you can get an overview summary of ongoing lettings instructions within the system.  Meaning at a glance you can see the stage of a lettings instruction and crucially what is missing to progress it to the next stage, whether it is in Market Appraisal or Let stage.  For example is it missing an EPC or Gas cert? Or is it missing documents such as a guarantor agreement?

And when it comes to documents you can have a document assigned to item.  You can generate Custom documents for that specific progression item type directly from the Progression Checklist.  

Lettings– To Do List

This is a To-Do list for agents that can be refined by Market Appraisal, Advertised, Let Agreed, Signed.  Showing you what is missing and needs to be chased, when the next inspection is due and if notice is received.  No more lists on paper files or white boards in the office!

A daily must have for Letting Agents.


Estate Agency - Progression

This next level feature means you can get an overview summary of ongoing property sales instructions within the system.  Showing in % how close a property is to completing.

It also means that you can easily see the stage of a sales instruction and crucially what is missing to progress it to the next stage, whether it is in Market Appraisal or an Under Offer stage.  For example is it missing an EPC? Or is it missing documents?

And when it comes to documents you can have a document assigned to item.  You can generate Custom documents for that specific progression item type directly from the Progression Checklist.  


Estate Agency – To Do List

This is a To-Do list for agents that can be refined by Market Appraisal, Instruction – Not On Market, Under Offer.  Showing you what is missing and needs to be chased. 

It replaces the white board in the office!


Estate Agency - Pipeline

This is your money.  Sale Price, Fee, Expected Completion Date.  So you can keep an eye on your 'Under Offer' properties.  This system also forecasts ‘Estimated Completion Date’.  This is available on all properties not just those Under Offer.  It uses calculations based upon your averages that you have set in the system for Avg Days To Market; Avg Days To Accepted Offer; Avg Days To Completion. Don’t forget to set these for your office!



Utility Lead Contact

If you send information to Spark, Glide, Tenant Shop, Hallmark etc you can now tick not to send certain tenancies. 




  • The general layout of Agent has been tweaked
  • We’ve also made improvements regarding internet browser stability for use with Agent
  • The side menu location has been further refined to identify the current selection with a highlight


  • Add Deposit Dispute item - layout adjusted, now over two columns
  • Add Maintenance Contractor Type - Quick Add layout adjusted (vertical arrangement)
  • Sales Features - Quick Add layout adjusted (vertical arrangement)
  • Electronic Signature - the Note grid should now update with a newly added note once saved


March 2017

March 2017


Quick Add

Adding items to notes, inventories or rooms and many other system items has been simplified.  You can now ‘quick add’ items with basic information (e.g. the name of the room), and then go into this item in greater detail if necessary; this should speed up the process for listing multiple rooms or facilities.


View Accounts Filter Changes

- View company accounts now show Branch & Person Filter

- Branch View Account show Person filter but not branch filter

- Person View Account not shows branch filter but hides person

- Landlord View Account now shows Property Filter which ONLY lists the landlord properties!

- Property now included in the grid when you expand it. Can click through to the property record



Print Land Registry (as PDF) from a historical search will now generate the PDF print out

Reconcile Statements are disabled in Agent if the check box option is selected to be applied to the Bank Account

Pay People in Credit – when selecting a person to pay, the Invoicing field will now default to ‘Create Invoices and send to postbag’ rather than ‘Don’t Create Invoices’

Arrange Access will now warn you if you haven’t selected a recipient

Clicking on a Finance Entry row now opens a tab showing all entries in that activity.

Invoice button fixed – clicking on an invoice number will now generate the PDF

The Search Bar will display if a tenancy is Closed or Signed state

Create Invoice will now show the Credit and Debit totals

February 2017

February 2017



Room Order Feature

You can now re-order your photos and rooms on LetMC Agent

We listened to your concerns over being able to re-order photos and rooms in Agent and have now added a new feature so that you can change them around to your hearts content for tip-top marketing!

So we have added an 'Order Rooms' action on the rooms tab in Sales and Lettings Properties.


Signing documents just got a whole lot easier!

We’ve got some great news!  Docusign is now ready on LetMC Agent!*

Make it quick, easy and convenient for your customers by using e-signatures to get those important documents signed anywhere, any time.  And you’ll be doing your bit for the environment!

- Now you can have an electronic envelope containing multiple letters and recipients (provided they are related to each other, i.e tenancy) and send it out for electronic signing.

- You can track the signature status for individual recipients, so you know who to chase.

- You can link a tenancy agreement and send it off for signing.

- Its not just tenancy agreements, you can link a custom document or a letter template and send it off for signing.

- You can download 'Signing Certificate' once complete.

*Clients must already have a DocuSign account to use this new feature.

Want the Docusign connection? Click here to register your interest.




- Diary view has been updated to make it easier to use.

- Issues with Property Photos fixed. This includes changing photo type and renaming errors.



- 'Valid From' field added to 'Add Gas Certificate' pop up in Agent.

- 'Sale By' field is now the same as Rightmove price qualifier.



- Copyright date updated (oops!)

- Online Maintenance section bugs fixed in both sites and in system.

- Online Tenancy work item filter now added to all clients on Agent, not just those with websites enabled.


Defects and Tweaks:

- 'Include EPC' bug fixed when trying to generate a property to rent list.

- You can now edit the name of a photo uploaded to an interim inspection item.

- Will now add a note when the status of a maintenance job is changed.

- Inspection dates will no longer be wiped if a signed instruction is updated to set the schedule as 'As Required' (Applies to V3 and Agent)

- You can now select custom end types, which have no reasons added to them, on 'End Tenancy & Schedule Notices' view.

- Bank details tab has been rearranged to tidy it up.

- Photos now showing on all views for staff members.

- Landlord CRM report now factors in New Instructions.

January 2017

January 2017


Address Finder

Our latest release to Agent includes the Address Finder feature.  So all you need is the house number and postcode to find the address or just the address to find the postcode, making entering in properties to the system much easier!

December 2016

December 2016


New Record Tab 

 - A newly created record on the system will save and open up as a new tab.

Uploaded Photos can now be downloaded 
Agent Appearance has been tweaked:

- The gradients have been tweaked to make the colours more vivid
- Background image added to: Property, Tenancy, Landlord, Tenant, Sales Instruction and Vendor

You can now mark in-tray items as unread
A feedback column has been added to the property-diary appointments tab.
A Make a payment option has been added to:

- people records 

- rent chase screen

Fixed an issue that occurred when trying to add a certificate to a block

November 2016

November 2016



Land Registry now on agent.



Buyer Email and SMS Marketing Suite

- Overview of who has been posted, emailed or text properties for sale.

- view includes last time buyer was spoken to by phone.

- Rightmove style property alert email which is specifically mobile friendly.

- Full send and recieve text marketing (instant conversation with buyers).


Automated Marketing for Buyers

- Emails generated when new matching property is put on the software.

- Letter is automatically generated and put in post bag.


Landlord CRM Report

- This is a wow report to help you understand the significance of a Landlord current or previous.

- This report shows number of properties a Landlord owns vs how many you are currently letting.


Fixflo Deep Integration 

- Now available through API connection. 

- Maintenance diagnosed by Fixflo which comes into LetMC Agent with photos and videos.

- 1 click and this will be added as a maintenance job in Agent.





- Improvements to landing pages and tenancy widgets

- The main dashboard widgets show a display the branch to the one the user is linked to.


- Auto Charges - Apply charge on specific date has now been added.

- Unauthorised Balance column added to the 'Make a Payment' screen in Agent.

- Blank Notes being created when sending emails. Also emails sent with staff members as CC that were blank are now fixed too. Users of Classic will notice a 1 second delay before the content loads. All previously blank notes will show content after this release.

- Blow up when uploading a doc to an Applicant

- Blow up when searching for converted lettings property to sales property when searching in Classic

- System Letter Templates now correctly select Master Docx files for new companies. New branches on existing clients will now copy the same settings as one other branch on their system. 


September 2016

September 2016



CRM Timeline

An easy way to see all contact to and from your customers whether email, phone or text.  Also includes letters that have been sent out such as invoice.

CRM Widget

In one glance see how many 'customer types' a person record has. For example they maybe a landlord 3 times, a seller once and a buyer once.



Added CRM Feature 

A customer is rarely just one type of client. They can be a seller, a buyer and a landlord all at the same time.  So now LetMC Agent links customer records, using their mobile number or email*, so that you don’t miss any activity from that person.  Just tick the ‘Include in CRM Group’ to show all the notes for that customer.

*Current customer records will only match from mobile number however new customers being added to the system will be matched using mobile and email contacts.




Email size limit - Now you will receive a pop up if the email you are trying to send is larger than the limit.
Lloyds TSB Bank Upload
- They recently changed their specifications to include a minus symbol on the debit amounts, causing the file to be uploaded incorrectly. This has been updated in the system.

Santander Corporate Bank Upload - New bank upload type added.
Landlord Quick Books Report
- Total added to the bottom of the grid/export.



- Arrange Access now available for Appointments with Sales Properties linked to them.

- Agent Name field added to Estate Agent record

- Solicitor Reference field added to Solicitor record

- Percentage of Asking Price is now shown correctly on Offer

- Offer sidebar menu layout tweaked

- Year Built field under Sales Instruction Composition now in correct format

- New action added to Lost Appraisal to 'Re-open Appraisal'

- Local Authority field on Sales Instruction Composition tab now updates with changes.

- Fix released for Rightmove v3.5blm overnight file that is used by Zoopla.

August 2016

August 2016


Document Editor lets you edit your master documents provided by LetMC in Agent using a word template.

      - It can be found on LetMC Agent in Settings - Object Types

      - It now lists all the 'Master Letters' that are currently operational in the system.

      - Change once and it is available for everyone to use as it overwites the original

      - Can be created in pdf or Word

 Please note that to use the Document Editor then you must be on LetMC Agent and you must have Microsoft Office 2007 onwards.



      - Rightmove real-time feed updated.


July 2016



Van Mildert Referencing Widgets

We now have Van Mildert Referencing services integrated into Agent! Each user will automatically get a 7-day free trial with Van Mildert, and won’t need to do any set up in Agent. 



- Disputed Items are now colour coded. Active and resolved items will be displayed in green, cancelled items are now displayed in red. 

-  Previously, email validation would prevent users from setting up branded emails or adding certain email addresses onto the system. This has now been rectified.

-  The following columns have been added to the Deposit Management Report:

  • Total of Active Disputed Items
  • Total of Closed Disputed Items   

- Section 19(1)(c) Tax report now includes Let Only Landlords.

- Multiple issues with the Rightmove Real Time Data Feed have been fixed.

- Unresponsive Send Email button now fixed.
- All table exports now work in Microsoft Edge.
- 'Move Abandoned Tenancy Dates' function now fixed in Classic and added as an action in Agent.

- An issue where the Diary function on Agent was missing off staff members has now been fixed.



May 2016



- Email signature glitch has been fixed.

- Diary Allocations now refresh along with day-in diary.

- Additional information in grid cells no longer included in Export. 

- ‘Add from Tenant' search fixed.

- LetMC Importer no longer creates default address records on import.

- Irish company settings error fixed.
-  No Active Gas Certificate: The functionality that prevented a tenancy with no active gas certificate from being signed off has now been fixed on Classic.

-  RBS Bankline BACS now generates both files.

- ‘Make a Journal Transfer’ view updated.

-  A new BACS file type has been added to the system for AIB SCT Bulk Payments.

-  Active Cert Count added to All Active Tenancies report.

- Staff limits removed on Company.

- Service type column added to Tenancies No End Date report.

- ‘Include Ended Tenancies’ tick box added to Classic.

- ‘All Branches’ option added to Deposit Management report in Classic.

- HMO Property tick box added to Property record.


March 2016



New Security Access level added: Client Senior Manager.

This level has been created for staff that carry out manager level tasks, and who also need access to some finance information.




- Now possible to set the Security Access level for the ‘Export’ button for all reports.

- Contractors List, Deposit Management Report, and Marketing Property Counters Report added to Agent. 

-  A secondary email address field has been added to Landlord, Tenant and Contractor records. 

- Additional Columns/Data added to the following Reports:

  • Notify Applicants Report
  • Tenancy Sales Audit
  • Advertised Tenancy Pipeline
  • Gas At Property
  • Invoiced Sales

- Last Note logged date added to reports. 

- 'Closed by' field added to Maintenance Jobs.

- Gas Safety certificate change - no longer possible to set an expiry date for a Gas Safety certificate longer       than 12 months in the future. 

- EPC Certificate Changes - no longer possible to set an expiry date for an EPC Certificate longer than 10 years in the future.

- Inactive Gas Safety check - A new security check will prevent a tenancy from being signed off if there is no active Gas Safety certificate. 

- Deposit Management has undergone minor bug fixes and improvements.

-  The All Active Tenancies report has now been split into two reports: All Active Tenancies Summary, and All Active Tenancies Detailed.

- Debtors and Creditors Report: Tenant Debtor Export issues have now been fixed. 

- Property P&L - The duplicate row for 'Rental Income' has now been removed. 

 - All Active Tenancies - Tenancies that end and get closed off in a month will now show as active in that month's All Active Tenancies report. 

February 2016



New Layout

The overall layout of Agent has had a revamp in this release. Major changes include:

- Introduction of Lettings / Sales / Maintenance / Accounting / Office tabs. The existing icons on the Home tab have now been categorised and can be found in these new tabs.

- Reports have now been grouped into categories, and have been added to the new tabs. 

- A Notifications bar has been added to the right-hand side of the system.



 Right to Rent

 - On Agent, a new tab has been added to Tenant Details that contains all relevant fields related to Right to Rent checks.

Attach Documents to Tenancy Agreement

- The ability to upload a PDF document and have it generated with a tenancy agreement has now been added to LetMC Agent. This works in the same way as attaching PDF documents to invoices.

- The Documents tab on a tenancy allows users to upload any document that is relevant to the specific tenancy. A new function has now been added to the section that only applies to PDF documents. 

Profit and Loss Report

- Can be generated for a specific Landlord/Property/Property Block.

- Can be generated for a Property Block and also by Landlord.

- User selects a date range to generate the report for. 


- This section will show the Rent Due in each month for the given filter. The figure shown is what will be due, not what was actually collected.  It will also include any charges applied to a Tenant.

- A tick box has been added to the search filters to turn off the tenant charge rows. 

Direct Costs:

- If you apply a charge or maintenance deduction to a landlord, it will show up here.

- Journal Transfers and Transfers between people will also show up here, providing a nominal code is set.

- A Property Maintenance deduction will only show up here if you generate the report for a Property. 




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