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Extra Reporting

Adding to more reports: emails addresses, managed by staff names, addresses, last action dates and more.

Diary Sync

Agent diary to be available on outlook 365, gmail diary, Android and iPhones.

Diary New Features

From SMS viewing feedback and reminders, auto repeat certain appointments to layout improvement and extra guest contact details.

Automatic Import of Leads

Automatically import of Rightmove and Zoopla leads.

New Email Features

From daily viewing feedback email alerts, automatically send copies and forwarding, to more shortcuts button in Agent.

New Dashboard Widgets

Pipeline target warnings, newsreel, and live feed of branch notes.

Search Bar Commands

New search bar short cut commands from 'advertise a property' to search for receipts and bank details. 

New Portal Features

Show length of tenancy in CityLets feed, feature property selection for Rightmove and display number of bathrooms and living rooms on Zoopla feed.

Out of Office

With Agent email, have an out of office feature.

Emails in Office 365

Agent emails to integrate with Microsoft Office 365 email platform.

We welcome thoughts and requests for developing more features and improvements.

In our experience the key question that needs to be answered with every request is 'what problem are you trying to solve'?  This helps us identify what is needed.

All software companies recieve losts of requests and by publishing our 'Software Request League Table' shows agents what is being asked for by all clients.

Some circumstances we can not develop a feature because it is too complicated, not possible, too expensive or long way down the league table.

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