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Why the Cloud?

Cloud computing has become a bit of a buzz word but what it actually means can be confusing. The term ‘Cloud’ refers to the storage of data in a virtual environment. This allows you to access your data wherever you are via the internet, without having to install or download any software to your PC. This also mean that you can access data from any internet ready device, be that your PC, laptop, smart phone or iPad by simply logging in to a website, much like your Facebook or email account. This all sounds good but what it means to you is that you don’t need to be restricted to a particular computer; your data is safe if you contract a computer virus or your laptop is stolen, as the data is stored away from your physical office.


World leading technology web based lettings software automatically backs up your data, and is built on Microsoft technology by certified software developers. The hardware provides a solid and reliable infrastructure built upon Dell enterprise industrial-grade servers to ensure our customers data is always at their fingertips.

Advanced firewalls further protected by McAfee Enterprise security software ensure that any viruses and hackers are kept out.

System security and business continuity

At LetMC we know that accessing your data and ensuring it's kept safe is of the utmost importance to you, that’s why it’s one of our highest priorities. The LetMC system has gone through rigorous testing carried out by an independent team of network and system testers, to ensure your data is safe from hackers. The system runs on Amazon's Web Services, meaning no data is stored locally. Amazon's Web Services are highly reliable and offer a very stable platform for our system.  

On top of this our system is automatically backed up every couple of minutes. This means in the event of a major system error, we can have you back up and running with a copy of data that was taken a few minutes before the problem started. Limiting the chances of you losing any work. We aim to have the system restored and be up and running within 1 hour of a critical failure. However, this cannot be guaranteed. 

LetMC meets the security and business resilience standards required by Britain's largest banking group and one of the largest insurance companies in the UK. The following documents outline the security and business continuity processes in place.

Download our System Security document (pdf).

Pandemic Flu Business Continuity Plan - available upon request.


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